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  Mission Accomplished  

On 10/22/2000, at approx. 10:22pm (22:22 hrs) EST, in her apt. in Cambridge, MA, USA.

She actually said "yes"!!! :D

(Note: "2" is her favourite number and also my lucky number.)

  The Actual Proposal - Elaine's own words  

Since so many of you have been asking me for full details of the proposal, here it is once and for all:

He was here on vacation in Cambridge for two weeks, and over one of the weekends, we went to Niagara Falls. I thought he was going to propose there (b/c many people had guessed that he would), but was slightly disappointed when he didn't (though I later understood why...).

While we were there, we went up to Skylon Tower which overlooks the Falls, and came by a place that makes keychains (with inscriptions). We decided to get a two hearted one similar to the one shown below, except that we had it inscribed as "Two Hearts One Love". He kept the key-chain for me. After we got back to the hotel that night, he told me that he seemed to have lost the key chain - I was disconcerted b/c I've always been a superstitious person and it appeared ominous to me that he would lose something as meaningful as that. However, he apologised and suggested that he would go back to the Tower to get another one the next day, which was what he did while I waited in the car.

Later that night, after we had arrived back in Cambridge and had dinner (around 10-ish), we were looking at the keychain (which, as expected, said, "Two Hearts One Love"). He then handed the keychain to me and asked me to keep it safe. I wasn't even going to look at it again. But for some reason I glanced at it again, and was astonished to see that the keychain this time had been inscribed with "Will You Marry Me?"! As I was staring at it in disbelief, he said, "before you say anything..."

He then sat me down on the sofa and started reading me the poem (and eventually getting down on his knee on the last verse). Throughout the whole time, my emotions swayed from disbelief to ecstasy, and I could feel my heart palpitate at an extraordinary speed. I just put my hands around my face as I was completely speechless. I couldn't say no to such a proposal, could I? Having then said 'yes' and thinking that was it, he then led me to my computer and showed me the website. While I stared in amazement, he downloaded and played me the song, sending me into a further state of shock, and when the song finished he asked me to marry him for the second time (good things come in two's!). So I said 'yes', again!

He later told me that was why he couldn't propose in Niagara Falls (even though he really wanted to) - he had no computer/internet access! (He also joked that he didn't want to be so predictable, since so many people had thought he would propose there...).

As for the 'magical' word-changing keychain, he explained that he actually never lost the original keychain (which he now keeps). While getting the original keychain, he also wanted to get another one saying "will you marry me" since he needed a temporary 'ring', and figured that one from Skylon Tower would be great as it would be like the next best thing to proposing at Niagara Falls. But he could not do it in my presence, obviously, so he had to concoct the story to give himself an excuse to go back to Skylon Tower alone.

Anyway, I felt as if I was the luckiest person alive. And after the song finished playing, I just kept on saying "WOW" over and over again. Now I know what it feels like to have a wonderful marriage proposal (a statement coming from a slightly biased person, of course... =)).

  Key prop  

Engraved key-chain secretly purchased in her brief absence at Skylon Tower, Niagara Falls, Canada earlier that day:

(It was really funny how the engraver said, "wow, this is the most important engraving I've ever done... I better not screw it up!")

As Elaine mentioned, the key-chain actually served as the temporary ring, cos the diamond was still being set and I couldn't wait to propose! By the way, the color of the diamond is "E", for "Elaine"!! (OK, here's a bucket for you if you'd like to throw up... :-)). As for the carat size - hey, I thought size doesn't matter? =)
Anyway, many thanks to my gemologist brother KK (GIA certified!) and his sweet wife Cherry for helping me in finding the ideal stone and setting it in the ring. PLUG WARNING! If you ever need a great stone, let me know and I'll put him in touch with you!! He's the best!! =)
. .

  Proposal Preparations  

I've been getting questions about the song and poem. Very briefly:

The song was written and recorded over a period of around 1 month, and is the first and only song I have ever written specifically for someone. :)
Thanks again to Freddie for being my 'test audience' (and especially for liking the song!), and for the help on some of the music.

The poem took slightly less time, and was done in various places including while on holiday in Yunnan (China), on the plane, and in her Cambridge flat (while she was in classes!). It wasn't easy trying to minimize the document and all the website windows on the computer screen when she suddenly came back from class! Talk about panic! :)

  The Wedding  

We're now happily married!!!

Time: 15 July, 2001

Place: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




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